Rustin's Danish Oil

Excellent finish for woodturnings, carvings & all woodwork.
Very easy to use gives a natural low lustre finish.
A fantastic finish for woodturned items!
Rustin’s Danish Oil can be applied to the wood & burnished on the lathe to an excellent natural look finish, which unlike other finishing oils, the sheen from Rustin’s will last when handled regularly. Ideal for knife handles, wooden pens, candlesticks, peppermills, fruit & nut bowls, burls.
Rustin’s DANISH OIL is different to other oils.

Please Note;- To order contact your local Rustin’s Reseller 

Unique and Original Suitable for all types of wood. Easy to use wipe on finish Gives a soft lustrous finish, brings out the beauty of wood.
Use For:-

Woodturnings & Carvings
Doors & window frames
Wooden worktops
Wood panelling
Wooden furniture
Wardrobes, dressers & side tables
Tables & chairs – Food Safe / Toy Safe

Suggested Retail Prices including GST.
4 Sizes Available:-
– 250ml $22.00
– 500ml $33.50
– 1 Litre $59.50
– 5 Litre $215.00